EXPO Health & Safety

Health and safety have always been top priorities for APEX & IFSA, and this will be amplified in ‎the ‎planning and execution of EXPO. APEX & IFSA continue to monitor the guidelines, ‎restrictions, and ‎advisories from around the world. As EXPO is a ‎global event, APEX & IFSA have set the following ‎requirements to best protect our members, ‎staff, and vendors. ‎
‎ ‎
All attendees, staff, and vendors must be fully vaccinated to attend all aspects of the EXPO. ‎

Attendees must have received ‎their final dose by 16 November 2021 to be considered fully vaccinated. ‎Masks will also be required. A photo ID will be required ‎to pick up your badge.

As part of the entry requirements for the APEX/IFSA EXPO, all attendees must provide proof of vaccination in order to enter.

Proof of vaccination will be checked at the entrance of the Long Beach Convention Center. Once vaccination status is confirmed, you will receive an “I’m Vaccinated” sticker. You will then be directed to the EXPO registration desk to pick up your badge. When you receive your badge from an APEX/IFSA staff member, you will place the sticker directly on the badge. This will verify your vaccination status for the entirety of the show. Be prepared to show your badge with the sticker to security at other entry points to the convention center.

Clear Health Pass

The APEX/IFSA EXPO partnered with CLEAR Health Pass to provide easy proof of completed health screening for faster entry for US attendees.

If you’re a US National – Use Health Pass by CLEAR

To get started, download the CLEAR app and enroll for free here

  • For the most efficient entry possible, all attendees should sign up for CLEAR app and complete their health screening before arriving.
  • Trust and transparency are CLEAR’s top priority, and with Health Pass, users are always in control of their health information. Personal information is only used to deliver a frictionless and secure experience with CLEAR and APEX/IFSA. You can read more details about this in CLEAR’s Privacy Policy here.
    • If you have any questions about enrolling in CLEAR, please reach out to memberservices@clearme.com or tap “Get In Touch” in the app for assistance.

Full instructions on how to complete your Health Pass:

  1. Download the CLEAR app and tap the white Health Pass tile
  2. Select ‘events’ scroll to ‘Conferences’ and select 2021 APEX/IFSA EXPO
  3. Easily enroll or verify your identity with a quick selfie
  4. Follow the prompts to verify your proof of vaccination
  5. Before you arrive, reopen the Health Pass tile and produce your pass. Green is good to go! Be ready to show for fast entry.

Note: If you have previously uploaded your vaccination card into our registration system you still must complete the Health Pass by CLEAR to be admitted.

Should US attendees choose not to use the app you must follow the below procedure required for international members.

International Attendees

International attendees must show proof of vaccination prior to entering the Long Beach Convention Center.

Accepted forms of proof are:

  • An internationally accepted digital card with ID (photo) via Travel Pass, VeriFly, etc.
  • A photo of your vaccination card with photo ID
  • Physical vaccination card with photo ID

Note: If you have previously uploaded your vaccination card into our registration system you still MUST be ‎prepared to show proof prior to entering the Long Beach Convention Center. ‎

PCR Testing

APEX/IFSA will provide complimentary PCR and rapid tests for APEX/IFSA EXPO attendees. They will be distributed by ‎the Long Beach Health ‎Department onsite at the Long Beach Convention Center, located at the south exterior of the convention center, closest to the Hyatt Hotel, on the Promenade.

Please note that this does not replace vaccination unless explicitly stated otherwise. Those with previously approved exemptions are required to receive daily tests. Only with a daily negative test will access to the EXPO be permitted. Following receipt of each daily negative test, the individual will add a sticker to their badge with the name of each day.


What is the cost?

PCR and Rapid tests are complimentary if you are attending APEX/IFSA.

When will I get my PCR test results?

PCR test results should come within 48 hours. Test results cannot be expediated, please plan accordingly for return trip testing.

Do I need an appointment?

No appointment necessary but registration is required. Information for PCR testing registration will be sent out November 22, and will be available onsite.

How will my test results be delivered?

For rapids test, results will be provided by paper.
For PCR testing, a digital copy of results will be emailed and/or texted.

Additional Health & Safety Protocols:‎

  • Social distancing will not be enforced. ‎
  • Masks are required.
  • Purell is the exclusive hand-sanitizer sponsor with dispensers throughout the venue Long Beach Convention Center and EXPO Showfloor. ‎
  • Dimer will showcase its UVHammer operator-controlled UV system to provide enhanced sanitization and disinfection of all high-touch surfaces at the show. The UVHammer features a variable angle wing which is equipped with 254nm germicidal UV lamps that can kill 99.99%+ of viruses and pathogens including Covid-19. The trained operator directs the UV lights from optimal distance and angle to achieve fast, safe and non-toxic, non-touch surface disinfection. The UVHammer is Dimer’s latest adaptation of its original GermFalcon technology, which is now exclusively available for aircraft of any size and configuration from Honeywell.

For questions about the APEX/IFSA EXPO Health and Safety measures please contact IFSA at apex@apex.aero.